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Keeping Your Home Foundation Strong

Foundation repair of basement walls is not as invasive as most people think and affordable compared to replacement costs. Woods Basement Systems’ work usually is done in 2 or 3 days instead of weeks and homeowners do not have to leave their home while the work is being installed. However, inside repairs can be extremely noisy during the initial phase of the work, especially for pets. Typically, this is when inside wall anchoring systems or inside piering for settling foundations work is required for the overall best result and functional warranty.  Credits to http://www.ehoustonfoundationrepair.com/ for this information.
Homes built with a dirt crawl space have foundation walls just below the frost line. During a drought, soils supporting the home shrink and the settling foundation will cause cracks in the upstairs drywall/ sheet rock. If neglected, settling will cause door and windows to pinch and not operate properly. The same issues that occur with basement foundation also occur with crawl space foundations. It just happens sooner with a crawl space during a drought.

Woods Basement Systems restores home values in one of the toughest industries – home improvements. Basement foundation walls “WILL” crack. When is a wall crack a problem? If it leaks when it rains, that’s a problem. One patch repair for a crack will guarantee a 2nd crack will occur. If more than one crack gets larger or off set inward at the fracture over time, then the foundation movement needs to be stopped. Our patented products and process with a written transferable warranty will repair these problems and restore the home’s re-sell value. In most circumstances, the repairs are less costly than foundation replacement. Additionally, repairing and proper sealing cracks helps keep Radon from building up in the home.