Third Anniversary

Today marks my third wedding anniversary. I honestly cannot believe how lucky I’ve been to find a partner who supports with me and grows with me as Travis has done. He complements me so well, and I can only hope that I make him as happy as he makes me.

Happy anniversary, Travis. I love you so much.

photo by Craig Watson

Exhibition File – Behind the Veil

Wedding season is approaching quickly (as my husband can attest). A new exhibition at the American Textile History Museum kicks it off with an examination of the wedding dress. The show focuses on women’s stories of their bridal attire.

Behind the Veil: Brides and their Dresses looks at more than 100 years of wedding garments. The choices women make to represent themselves, their love and commitment, the life transition, and their cultural values are all taken into account in this exhibition. Traditional and alternative styles are all on view.

And on April 21, don’t miss the Wedding Dress Presentation Workshop hosted in conjunction with the exhibition.

Address: American Textile History Museum, 491 Dutton Street, Lowell, Massachusetts

Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 10-5

Admission: adults $8, children 6-16, college students, and seniors $6, children under 6 and members free