Friday File — A New Series

Today I’m going to try something new on the blog — a series of interesting links found around the web. I know link roundups aren’t anything new in the blog world, but I’ve never done one, and I thought maybe you guys might appreciate my finds every Friday.

I often tweet links to interesting articles, but tweets have such a short shelf life. Within twitter’s 140 character confines, I can’t reflect much on them either.

So let me know what you think!

Threaded, the Smithsonian’s fashion blog is running a series on the flapper. Part 1 details how freedom motivated the flapper and part 2 discusses the rising popularity of makeup. I hope they will continue the series.

Are you a woman and have been to Paris? If so and you wore pants in the City of Lights, you were probably breaking the law! Just last month, a 200-year-old law banning women from wearing pants was finally repealed. Crazy!

New York City gets so many good designer sales. Living in the midwest for the most of my adult life I’ve never been able to experience the rush of a sample or warehouse sale. But Barneys is moving its legendary, yearly warehouse sale online. This past Monday, it launched Barneys Warehouse. So far it looks pretty similar to NET-A-PORTER’S discount site, THE OUTNET.

This roundup of newspaper headlines frowning on women’s fashions throughout the ages had me chuckling a bunch.

This New York Times sketch about a menswear designer looking for runway models on the streets of New York is amusing. I have a friend whose husband has walked twice during fashion week — both times scouted off the street in the same way.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! And if you are in Chicago, don’t forget to take advantage of Restaurant Week, which runs until Sunday! I’m going out to lunch today with a friend and colleague at a much fancier and pricey place than normal. Gotta love a good prix fixe!

Style File – Isabella Mint Silk Tee

Of A Kind is one of the best fashion sites developed in the past few years. Created by Clair Mazur and Erica Cerulo, it offers limited edition items — accessories, garments, and other clever pieces — by rising designers. I think of it as the web’s version of a farmers market, but sub the veggies and fruits for the coolest fashion.

I’m subscribed to its daily newsletter, which features the newest offering on the site. When I saw a hand-painted Rachel Rose silk tee one morning, I squealed inside. There were only 50 of a kind available, so I pounced.

The shirt arrived last weekend and is heavenly in person. It is paper-thin silk with a watercolor wash of mint and navy polka dots scattered across it.

I’ve been hesitant to add too many trendy pastels to my wardrobe — mostly because I know muted colors are tried and true to my personal style, and I can’t afford to invest in an expensive piece that’s going out of style after a season. But the watercolor affect doesn’t scream trendy pastel, and it’s hand-made quality won’t look cheap and last season anytime soon.

I think it’s a perfect addition to my wardrobe — it can be easily paired with jeans or any of my neutral skirts. On warm days it will suffice, but I can also layer it under a blazer to add professionalism or a jean jacket to dress it down. For a normal work day or an afternoon out, a simple cardigan will look flattering too.