Style File – Snakeskin Pumps

You might recall that I’ve been searching for a nude-to-me* pair of pumps, ones with a contrasting metallic toe cap. A new DSW opened up in town recently, so I decided to check it out. Probably didn’t hurt that they sent a $15 off of $50 coupon to my email. I hoped I’d find what I was looking for there.

Unfortunately the Fargo DSW disappointed me. The styles of shoes for sale were all fairly conservative, and there was little by way of spring trends. Certainly no nude pumps with metallic toe caps.

However I did come across a pair of nude-ish faux snakeskin pumps by Nine West. I have a black pair of Nine West pumps in a really similar silhouette, and I liked the idea of a nude-ish pump with a pattern. These aren’t trendy like a toe cap, but they feel grown up and chic.

Success: they had them in my size, so I bought them with my coupon. I’ve been wearing them just like I would a nude pump, and they are bringing a little extra sophistication to my ensembles.

*Nude and flesh are tricky descriptors to use because they are often used to describe a garment or accessory with a similar color to caucasian skin. I do not like it when writers use those words broadly because they ignore many groups of people whose skin is not white. For a person of color, a shoe described as “nude” in a magazine, catalog, or online shop is most often not nude or flesh to them.

With that in mind, I will only use the term nude as it relates to me personally, not broadly. When I use the word nude or flesh, I only compare the item to my skin tone, and will never rely on a caucasian-normative attitude in descriptions.

all photos by Travis Haughton – Wasabi Photography