Project Runway 13

I was a huge Project Runway fan before the show moved from Bravo to Lifetime. Early seasons were exciting when design skill and talent was prized higher than interpersonal drama. It exposed millions of people to a sliver of the fashion industry. No, it’s not a true representative of the industry, but there are nuggets of truth within it — like how designers depend on their models to be uniform because fitting to various shapes and sizes is not something that is easy to do in such a short amount of time.

I’ve met a couple of the contestants in random circumstances including Rami Kashou and Stephen Rosengard from season 4. When Project Runway moved to Lifetime I stopped watching, but made an exception for the All Stars season. I was rooting for Rami.

Well I’m making another exception for the new season that starts tomorrow evening, July 24 at 9/8c. Season 13 features one of my former student workers, Alexander Knox! Alex is a talented designer and was a great employee in the Fashion Study Collection. I think Alex has the potential to do really well even though he’s fresh out of school — he graduated this May. He has a great grasp of fashion history, is skilled at fabric manipulation, and experiments with silhouette.

Check out Alexander’s profile on the Project Runway website. I think you’ll be impressed by his work. Go Alex!