Introducing Our Rescue Beagle

Almost two months ago we added a new member to our family — our little Dakota beagle. She is a rescue from BREW Midwest. She was living with a foster family in Ohio following time on the street and in a shelter.

BREW throws Beaglefest every May, which was where we met her and fell in love. She was running around among 100+ beagles in a suburban dog park with a yellow bandana that said her foster name and indicated that she was available for adoption. I bent down to pet her, and she started licking me. She was so friendly and loving that we knew she was the pup for us. She came home with us that afternoon and became Dakota beagle.

When we adopted her, we were told Dakota was between 5-7 years old. But our vet revealed that she is probably closer to 9-10 based on the greying in her eyes. Also, it is highly likely that she has given birth.

Dakota is a blue-tick beagle, which refers to her coloring. Her grey hairs are not from old age, they are her “ticking.”

On the Fourth of July, we took Dakota out to a dog park and let her run around for 1 ½ hours. Travis brought his camera along and snapped these great photos. At first she was a little unsure of what to do and kept to the fence, perhaps checking it for weaknesses. But then she figured out that she could go wherever she wanted and started running around.

She keeps us on our toes. She is 100% a scent hound. There are so many smells outdoors, and Dakota must smell of all the smells. Chasing squirrels is so much fun, and she loses her mind barking at bunnies. In fact, she tries to wake me up earlier and earlier because she knows the neighborhood critters are most active in the morning.

Indoors Dakota is very, very quiet and sleeps most of the day. Sometimes she snuggles, and she prefers to stretch out her legs when she sleeps. She cocks her head at funny beeping or squeaking sounds and twitches her paws in her sleep (we imagine she is squirrel chasing even in her dreams). Dakota loves bacon and peanut butter treats, but isn’t interested in toys. She’s pretty little — the American Kennel Club puts her in the 13-inch variety.

It’s clear that someone long ago taught her some basic obedience skills, but after her time on the street, Dakota is rusty. We are gradually uncovering and reinforcing them.

My husband Travis had a beagle when he was very little but I’ve never owned a dog. So we are learning too. After we move at the end of the month, we’ll hire a trainer to help brush up her obedience skills and give us a lot of pointers. But if you have any advice on dogs and training, we would love to hear. Know of any great resources online or dog blogs? Lay them on us!

photos by Travis Haughton of Wasabi Photography