Friday File

Happy Friday! I have the day off and am starting to packing up our apartment in anticipation of our move next weekend. Packing is far from my favorite thing, so please wish me luck.

If you are looking for something cool to do this weekend in Chicago, check out the exhibition “Field Works Gallery Extravaganza.” The show is this weekend only and features 18 emerging artists who were inspired by the Natural History Collection at the Field Museum. Tonight is the opening at Ian Sherwin Gallery from 7-11 p.m.

Hope you have a great weekend!

The Dolce & Gabbana fall 2014 Alta Moda show sounds like the most luxury fashion show possible. Christina Binkley takes us along to Capri for an insider’s look at the exclusive weekend in Capri.

Mad Men is known for being fastidious about its attention to period detail, and of course the furniture is no exception.

I have no idea if this story is true, but this craigslist post about a NYC restaurant’s turnaround issue makes you think about the effect our cell phones have on our culture.

Miss Idaho wore her insulin pump visible on her bikini during the swimsuit portion of the competition.

All about women’s knickers in the 1920s.

A Note About the New Apartment

Moving is never fun, and it seems like each sequential move gets harder. But I am happy to report the move itself is all done, finally, and we are almost unpacked.

However, it may be a little while until packing is complete. Our apartment is a bit short on storage. For instance we don’t have a closet in our bedroom (it is obvious that a man picked out our new home). So boxes will be employed for a bit longer for folded clothes until a solution can be chosen and purchased or built. We are thinking about building something like the garment rack below that I found on the blog You_Have_Broken_the_Internet.

handmade coat rack by Ryan E. Plett from You_Have_Broken_the_Internet

This apartment has a unique set of challenges other than the storage issue. The overhead lights in almost every single room are large and not to our taste (they do not blend in), nor most of the hardware here (while more subtle it does set a tone). There is a ornate, faux-vintage vibe going on, and our style is much simpler and minimal.

The apartment itself is traditional. It was built in the 1920s, and still has original crown molding, doors, and an awesome window above the back door with a nouveau-style design created out of frosted glass. I’m excited to find ways to incorporate our more simple style with the traditional space. It won’t be the easiest design dilemma to solve in all cases, but I definitely think it is possible if we take our time and make careful decisions.

And along the way, I plan to use this blog to document changes and seek your suggestions for the issues we encounter. So I hope a little interior design is something you’re interested in reading about in addition to what I already write about.

I’ve missed blogging over the past few weeks and am happy to feel more settled in order to get back to it. Thank you for giving me the time to transition to Chicago, and I’m glad you’ve come back.

Moving to the Windy City

photo by Travis Haughton

Today I’m so excited to share some really big news. I have accepted a new job in Chicago, and Travis and I will be moving there near the end of the month!

The position is very similar to what I do now — I will be managing a fashion studies collection at a college there, and I start before the month is out. It’s a very fast transition, but I couldn’t be happier.

I will miss the people I’ve worked with and met in North Dakota. We’ve lived here for two years, and, while it took awhile to feel settled, we were starting to develop great relationships and get involved in the community. It is hard to say goodbye.

But this opportunity will help both of us in our careers, return us to a city we used to live in and that we love, and get us closer to friends and family we’ve been so far from.

As you may have noticed from this week already, posting will be a little lighter during the next few weeks as we move, get settled, and I learn the ropes of my new job. Hope you forgive me.

And now, onward to Chicago!

photo by Travis Haughton – Wasabi Photography