Friday File

Happy Friday! I signed up for a week of unlimited pilates this week at a little local studio, and I am definitely feeling it today. But I need the push because I haven’t gotten much exercise in the last couple months because of life’s various detours. I’ve been sampling all the different options the studio offers. So far the barre class is my favorite. This weekend I’ll try out two more types of classes, and then relax at the beach. What are you up to?

Here are some great links to check out:

Lou Stoppard analyzes fun fur and its contradictions between fad, luxury, throwaway, and timelessness.

This is an interesting story of one woman’s quest to find Bing Crosby’s Levi’s denim tuxedo.

Before her death last week, the Museum at FIT was developing an exhibition of Lauren Bacall’s wardrobe. This week the museum announced that the show will open next spring.

Ok, so yesterday I mentioned that I didn’t want to start thinking about fall fashion yet. But, I admit, there is some cute stuff coming in Asos’ holiday collection.

Even though this is a few weeks old, this tell-all by Alexander McQueen’s long-time partner is a must read. Don’t miss it if you haven’t already read it.

Have a great weekend!

Exhibition File – Ivy Style

Ivy Style exhibition graphic from the Museum at FIT

A new exhibition at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology is taking a closer look at 20th century American menswear. The show is Ivy Style and delves into the look that developed in the early 1900s in elite, all-male, American universities.

According to the Museum at FIT’s website, “often viewed as a classic, even static, way of dressing, Ivy was a cutting-edge look during its heyday, and by mid-century its appeal was spreading beyond the campus to a diverse population of young men—from working class GIs to jazz musicians. It became codified as “Ivy style” and today, well into the 21st century, Ivy continues to inform the evolution of menswear.”

The gallery space is arranged in thematic displays breaking down the grassy quad, classroom, dorm, library, “university shop,” and athletic playing field.

It’s exciting to see a fashion exhibition devoted to menswear, which generally is less collected and displayed in museums. While not as flashy and swoon worthy as woman’s clothing can be, menswear is really interesting in its details and evolution. I really wish I could take a trip to New York before January 5 to see this show.

Address: Seventh Avenue at 27 Street, New York, New York
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 12-8, Saturday 10-5
Admission: free