Style File – Swan Skirt

A week and a half ago I found myself strolling down State Street in the Loop after a long day. I wanted to see the Isabel Marant for H&M line in person, even though I had no intention of buying anything. Isabel Marant just isn’t my style. I was impressed with the quality of the coats, but nothing else stood out as worthwhile for its prices.

Continuing up State Street, I found myself drawn into Anthropologie. While I found little interesting at H&M, Anthropologie felt like a jackpot of texture, whimsy, and embellishments.

And that’s when I came across a knitted swan skirt with needle felting. It hit the spot — romantic design, quality fabric (100% wool), really comfortable, great fit for my body, and modest. The needle felting is an unusual technique at a high street store.

The back of the skirt, by Troubadour, features tiny knife pleats.

I paired it with a vintage black silk tee, black nylons, and my somewhat new Madewell Billie Boots in true black. I finally pulled the trigger on a pair of ankle boots (after trying these first without success), and I’ve been wearing them everywhere for about a month.

The Billie Boots have been very versatile. I’ve been wearing them with work clothes and jeans on the weekends. However I need to put in some gel inserts for the balls of my feet because there is no built-in cushion on the insoles.