New Issue of Dress

One of the best perks to membership in the Costume Society of America is a subscription to the journal Dress. It comes out twice per year, and this year’s first issue arrived at my office about a month ago. Since life has been so busy, I was finally able to sit down with it yesterday.

This issue is dedicated to Charlotte Jirousek, who was to be the new editor of Dress. Sadly she passed away before the publication went to print. Charlotte was an expert of Turkish dress and textiles, and she leaves a great legacy in this area of research. Following Charlotte, Christina Bates, curator at the Canadian Museum of Civilization, will take over as editor.

This issue is fabulous. I already read a piece about Grace Coolidge and her wardrobe by Valija Evalds and one about fashion exhibition by my good friend Michal Lynn Shumate. There are still articles about the Panama’s Kuna women’s mola blouses, gypsy or gitana dress, the evolution of midriff exposure in the early 20th century, and a number of book and exhibition reviews to read.

I know a few of my readers are Costume Society of America members, so have you read the new issue yet? Any favorite articles?

Book File – Symposium Goodies

It seems I can’t go to a Costume Society symposium without a bunch of new books finding their way into my luggage. This year I really tried to be more conscious of the weight they would add to my bag. In the end this was my haul:

Performance, Fashion and the Modern Interior: From the Victorians to Today edited by Fiona Fisher, Trevor Keeble, Patricia Lara-Betancourt, and Brenda Martin
I bought this book from the Berg/Bloomsbury table. The intersection of all these topics sound very interesting, and I’m excited to read the essays in it.

Women’s Bathing and Swimming Costume in the United States by Claudia B. Kidwell
This book came from the CSA silent auction. Bathing attire has always been a fringe interest of mine, and I want to learn more.

Gold Rush Women by Claire Rudolf Murphy & Jane G. Haigh
This was another book that came from the silent auction. I actually ended up in a bit of a bidding war with another member/friend, but it turned out that she was more interested in a different book that came bundled with this one. So I ended up trading with her for the book that came bundled with the bathing suit book and we both got what we wanted.

Fashion Theory, Volume 15, Issue 1 & 2, 2011
The Berg table was giving away Fashion Theory journals for free, so naturally I jumped on them. Turns out I already own Issue 2, so I guess I have a copy to find a new home for. Fashion Theory is an excellent journal and always publishes very interesting articles.

Textile, Volume 9, Issue 2, July 2011
Another free journal at the Berg table. The article on the Keiskamma Tapestry caught my eye, because I saw it at the Houses of Parliament in Cape Town when I did my graduate study abroad in South Africa.