Friday File

It’s been awhile since my last Friday File, and there have been a few big changes in my life. First, we are moving at the end of next month. I’m pretty excited about our new apartment, even if moving is a pain. And second, my husband and I adopted a beagle! Her name is Dakota, and I promise a post about her soon.

At work I’m doing inventory of all the hanging garments in the collection with the help of my student intern. It’s very enlightening to go piece by piece examining the contents of the collection. We’ve finished the European designer section and are almost through the American designers. Need to pick up the pace a little though to get through everything by the end of the summer.

Hope you have a happy weekend!

The Cooper-Hewitt Design Library has digitized a couple of Victorian hair jewelry how-to books. So tempted to hire someone to make something for me from the books. Is that weird?

Somewhat sad, but also very interesting, Olivia Laing takes a look at female literary alcoholics.

Vanessa Friedman feels like she’s experiencing deja vu regarding the lack of change to fast fashion manufacturing conditions. Like her, I don’t understand why the industry is still figuring out how to address human rights violations in garment factories.

An artist is filling Chicago potholes with custom mosaics.

Gold Star of the Week

This little copper-alloy plated ring by Steven Shein is killing it. It wins my gold star of the week because it is so simple, so brilliant. Its two little points of diamond sparkle are located at the ends of the most unexpected appendages.

Plus both diamonds are in a bezel setting, so there are no prongs. That’s something I look for so that I don’t have to worry about snags when I’m working around historical clothing.

I’d wear the ring solo. There’s no need to add more jewelry because nothing else can compete.

white diamond pharos ring by Steven Shein, available on Of a Kind

A Ring For Your Finger

Spotted this ring on Of A Kind last week. It’s cool-girl chic, and for $70 isn’t out of reach. Designed by Julia Wilson and Shannon Davenport of Fortune Favors the Brave, it’s called the Braided Cage Ring.