Friday File

Happy Friday! For the past week I’ve been thinking about my hair here and there. I’ve come to the realization that it may be time to grow it out. I’ve had my current cut since November, and I’m ready for something different. It’s a demanding style that requires frequent trips to the salon, and it would be nice to save a little money by not going so often.

I’m thinking a nice chin-length bob will serve me well. It might be a bit tricky to grow out, though, since the cut is asymmetrical. I might need to get the right side trimmed in order to even it up. We’ll see how patient I am too. It’s much easier to make a decision to cut ones hair, because you can act on that right away. Growing hair out is a whole other ballgame.

What’s been on your mind this week?

Now for a quick hit of links from around the web:

Artist Christopher Coppers knows how to take an X-Acto knife to a magazine. He literally carves into them to create some cool effects.

Bill Cunningham went to Massachusetts to cover Victorian Weekend. I always get a kick out of people dressed up in costume, not for reenactment, but just for the fun and love of it.

The National Museum of American History tackles the problem of displaying a 100-year-old suffrage banner.

The Cut rounds up some great photos of retro flight attendant uniforms.