Friday File – Things That May or May Not Have To Do With Cake

Love-Letter Cake by Wendy Kromer, from Martha Stewart Weddings

I don’t know why or how I ended up looking at cakes on Martha Stewart Weddings, but I did. Go with it.

Ikat and French Silk Ribbon Wedding Cake, from Martha Stewart Weddings

These cakes are incredible. They are too pretty to eat!

Vibrant Violets Cake by Wendy Kromer, from Martha Stewart Weddings

And now for some interesting things around the web that have nothing to do with cake:

This info graphic about “What Does That $14 Shirt Really Cost?” is going to make you think about your purchasing habits — for better or worse.

On a related note, Nike’s “Making of Making” app is a tool for designers, creators and anyone who wants more transparency regarding design’s impact on the environment. It gives me hope that a company like Nike is opening up about sustainability, and that they have a VP of Sustainable Business and Innovation (Hannah Jones), who nails it with this quote: ““There’s always one set of arguments that say we should all consume less. The next says let’s make better, longer, more durable products. The third is the one I think is most interesting. How do we actually close the loop? How do we create products that could be infinitely recycled?”

And if you’ve ever wondered about the possibility of an American haute couture designer, this piece on Fashionista sums up the landscape pretty well.

First Looks of Maison Martin Margiela for H&M

I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat since they announced the Maison Martin Margiela and H&M collaboration. And now the first lookbook has been released. Bless my heart, it looks good. Really good.

These four are my favorites. I’m digging the asymmetry, the deconstruction, and the oversized silhouettes. Fingers crossed these look as good in person as they do in photographs.

Can’t wait until they hit stores November 15. Maybe I should take the morning off of work.

If you haven’t seen the whole lookbook yet, zip on over to Refinery29.