Hoping for an Endless Summer

Modes à Bagatelle, 1919, from National Library of France

Oh the late days of summer. I’m in denial that school begins in less than two weeks, and that there will soon be a nip in the air. Right now I’m trying to soak in as much sun and heat as I can as the summer days begin to wane.

I have no interest in checking out fall clothing yet which is quite unusual. Bring on more summery clothes and start hoping that Mother Nature misses the memo that fall is coming.

Considering Fall Ankle Boots

I’m not a big boot person. Every year when fashion turns to fall, I tune out on any mention of “Fall Boot Trends.” But this year, the blogs, magazines, and online shops, are like, “BOOTS, get you BOOTS here, OMG why don’t you have BOOTS yet?” It seems the focus on boots is more heightened than normal.

Surprisingly, I’m actually considering getting a pair right now, motivated by the fact that I have a maxi skirt I’d like to transition from summer to fall. None of my current shoes really work with it. Strappy-heeled sandals would look great, but that’s not the most logical choice for fall weather. So here I am considering boots.

I’ve only owned two pairs of boots before that weren’t snow or rain related. When I was in high school, my mom bought a pair of black leather boots for me. They were from Nine West and had a slim wedge heel, almost knee-high shaft, and were quite minimal in design. I thought they were the chicest boots ever. I still think they were quite nice. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to wear them to school because we had a no boot policy, but I’d put them on after school and feel grown up, even though I was wearing a plaid, pleated Catholic-school skirt.

Then shortly after college, I bought a pair of brown leather calf-high boots. It was one of my few jaunts into the world of brown footwear and accessories. (Hopefully I’ll never do that again.) They were the slouchy kind and I wore them with a lot of skirts. I’m sensing a trend here.

So my maxi skirt needs new boots to finish off a fall-weather ensemble. But the practical side of me is commanding myself to buy boots that can work with more than a single outfit. Perhaps even with pants. So let’s consider a few pairs that I think might work.

I like this Charley Boot from Madewell. It’s a suede-leather combo with an almond toe. The upper is minimal in design, but the brown stacked heel hints at Western.

This leather ankle boot from Zara is a lot more slick. It has a pointed heel, black stacked heel, and a strap and buckle at the ankle.

Keeping the chunky black heel, the rest of this Nasty Girl boot veers in a different direction. The rounded toe is a bit more “these boots are made for walking,” and the cut out with criss-crossing straps is a cool detail.

Lastly, and maybe my favorite, the Hadley Boot from Madewell is the sexiest of the bunch. Instead of black, wine goes with just about everything. I like the angle of the heel and the fact that this boot is plain of any detailing.