Style File – Prestyled Shopping

photo by Travis Haughton

I think I originally heard about Mikkat Market on Refinery29. It’s a trendy online boutique offering cheaply priced fashion. The clothing and accessories for purchase are based around the style of the store’s owner, Katherine Kim, who is also a blogger.

Other than the cheap prices, the clothes are cool. Katherine not only models the wares, but she shows how to style them with other items for sale. A lot of online retailers do this — it’s called cross-selling — but Katherine often shows multiple ways of styling a piece. She makes the whole process of buying complete looks incredibly easy, and of course those looks are LA hip.

I wondered what would it be like to buy an almost complete outfit styled by a blogger in her online store? I love her style, but I worried we have drastically different body types. Finally I decided to try it out.

I settled on this ensemble with the asymmetric stripe top pleated in the middle of the chest and upper back by Esley, the organza drawstring skirt with the sheer striped gold overlay by Esley, and the chain link choker necklace. I passed on the bracelet and cuff because I don’t have a lot of tolerance for jewelry around my wrist in my day-to-day life. As far as I know, the wristlet purse and shoes are not available through her shop.

screen shot of items in ensemble from Mikkat Market

The items were packaged neatly when they arrived. The necklace was in a simple drawstring bag. The skirt and top were individually packaged in clear plastic with a few sheets of tissue wrapped around them.

I have received countless compliments every time I’ve worn the shirt (three times now). Everyone seems to love the pleating. The skirt is pretty too. I dig that it looks like a solid color from far away, but when you get close you see skinny gold stripes. And the necklace is versatile.

photo by Travis Haughton

I’ve only worn the complete ensemble once. I’m pretty pleased that the items in this look fit into the rest of my wardrobe. It’s nice to have a whole outfit that’s been styled that I can go to in a snap. But at the same time, I’m glad these pieces are flexible with other things I own.

photo by Travis Haughton

specified photos by Travis Haughton – Wasabi Photography

Off Day

Good morning. I’m getting a bit of a late start today because I got home last night at 12:30 a.m. after a full day’s travel. Last week I was at the Costume Society of America national symposium in Atlanta, and it was a great time — for learning, networking, and socializing. My brain feels swollen today.

And my body hurts. Long conference days with little sleep will do that to you (especially when the hotel bed is too soft and leaves your lower back throbbing in the mornings). Not to mention that my plane landed in Minneapolis yesterday only to sit on the tarmac for more than an hour because of a security threat in the terminal, which had been completely evacuated for the bomb squad. Luckily I eventually did make it home.

So today’s a recovery day for me, and I’ll be back here tomorrow with a regular post. Thanks for understanding.

In the mean time, enjoy my guest “wedding graduate” post over on A Practical Wedding. And if you are coming over from APW, welcome! I hope you find something here you like — I post about fashion history, my life, art and design, and contemporary fashion. Please don’t hesitate if you have questions too! I’m so happy you stopped by.

A Little Introduction

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I’m a fashion historian, and I’m excited to share my thoughts on what is going on in the design industry, delve into fashion history, and write about my life. I’ll be covering art, museums, and other interesting things that catch my attention.

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