Friday File

This was a long week, and I’m feeling under the weather now. I need to rest to recover from this bug. I wouldn’t mind it if there was time to go pumpkin hunting either but first I need to get over this sore throat.

Here are the cool things I found around the web:

Dennison's Bogie Book, 1920, from The Library of Congress on Internet Archive

Have you started thinking about your Halloween costume? I love this Halloween party guide book from 1920.

There may be more old luxury fashion houses reopened in the future, despite my annoyance with this trend.

Lisa, on the blog Privilege, breaks down what she sees as emerging trends in 2013.

Research suggests that people perform their most creative work in the morning, so this trick may help you get the most out of your creativity.

A zoo in the UK has banned animal-print clothing so that it does not confuse the animals.

This perspective on time blew my mind.

Have a great weekend!