Sleek Bracelet

Really digging the texture and shape of this bracelet from Sole Society. I could see this working with a sporty look or full out avant-garde outfit. Not bad for $29.95.

Stylish in the Rain

The saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Sure is fitting for Chicago with the deluge of rain we’ve been having here.

I dug up this 1956 video on umbrellas via the British Pathé archive last night. In it a group of British umbrella makers put on quite the show of whimsy and style. Not sure many of the umbrellas would be very practical in the rain though.

Which was your favorite?

Funny Little Bag

A'N'D Glove Shoulder Bag from Pour Porter

I saw this clever purse by A’N’D yesterday and it made me chuckle. The Glove Shoulder Bag has a little surrealist thing going on with a glove attached to the bag as if there’s a woman hand clutching it. Even better, the thumb of the glove is actually a snap closure! I love a little humor with my fashion.

Elmidae Sale

Trestle Bracelets from Elmidae

One of my favorite contemporary designers and a friend of mine, Abigail Glaum-Lathbury, is based in Chicago. Her line is called Elmidae, and I am always in awe of her work.

I just discovered that she is running an exclusive sale on her site to celebrate summer.

These cute Trestle Bracelets are made of braided colored silk with a copper bead. Each bracelet is handmade.

Trestle Bracelets from Elmidae

They on sale for $17.50, originally $35. The sale runs through August 7.

Keep an eye on her site during the next few weeks. She’s going to be running a new sale each week until Elmidae’s big sample sale.

Trestle Bracelets from Elmidae

Update: Elmidae’s sample sale will be August 24 and 25!

Loeffler Randall Handbags Hit Internet Shelves

Hold the phone! Loeffler Randall is making bags now. Not just any bags, but super chic purses. They went on sale yesterday via their website.

I was inches away from buying a pair of Loeffler Randall shoes for my wedding, but ended up getting a pair of Martin Margielas instead. Not that I regret that decision, but I still longingly wish for a pair of Loeffler Randalls.

And now I have handbags to add to my list of things I look at fondly on the internet. I nearly fell over in my chair when I saw the bag that attaches to bike handlebars below. So awesome!

all photos from Loeffler Randall via Refinery29

Sunshade Styles

How are you beating the heat and the sun these days? The heat wave stateside is intense. Recently I was discussing with friends on twitter that we should bring back the parasol.

This video from 1924 called Sunshade Styles shows a range of parasols to keep the sun at bay. Maybe you’ll find inspiration in the pleats and unusual shapes, such as the flowers and cat.

I think my favorite parasol pictured here is the one with sheer material and ostrich feathers.

video by British Pathé