Vintage Bathing Caps

Bathing caps in the 1950s could be pretty whimsical, and this video clip of a swimming cap fashion show from the British Pathe is pretty amusing. Enjoy!

New Look, New Silhouette

Starting the week off, I have a new post over on Raincoast Creative Salon! This time I’m looking at Christian Dior’s New Look and how it changed fashion. Dior’s debut collection in 1947, not only changed the fashionable silhouette but also cemented Paris as the center of the fashion world and revitalized the haute couture industry.

Head over to Raincoast Creative Salon to read all about the New Look’s impact!

Stylish in the Rain

The saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Sure is fitting for Chicago with the deluge of rain we’ve been having here.

I dug up this 1956 video on umbrellas via the British Pathé archive last night. In it a group of British umbrella makers put on quite the show of whimsy and style. Not sure many of the umbrellas would be very practical in the rain though.

Which was your favorite?