Welcome to The Hourglass Files, a fashion, art and design, and lifestyle blog. My name is Jacqueline WayneGuite. I am a fashion historian and writer, currently working as a collection manager in a fashion study collection.

The Hourglass Files is updated few times each week with recent musings on fashion history, personal style, the contemporary fashion scene, exhibitions and museums, and my life. Two of my favorite topics to discuss are historical undergarments and avant-garde design.

My professional research is focused in 20th century dress — specifically minimalism in high fashion, suffragist dress, and exhibition design. Please don’t hesitate to ask me about these topics! I have more than seven years of experience in museums and special collections.

I married my beagle-loving, photographer husband, Travis, in 2011. (His photos frequently appear on these pages.) We live in Chicago and love to seek out adventure.

I’d love to hear from you, so shoot over an email with your questions, comments, projects, or other things you think I’d enjoy.

Thank you for reading The Hourglass Files!