Exhibition File – Homefront & Battlefield

Quilters and Civil War buffs take note — the American Textile History Museum’s exhibition Homefront & Battlefield: Quilts & Context in the Civil War examines this major U.S. event with a new lens. Placing textile-related artifacts at the center of the show, “each object represents a deeply moving and insightful personal story, from the noose reportedly used to hang abolitionist John Brown to a mother’s quilt stitched with the uniforms of her two sons, one who fought in Confederacy gray and the other in Union blue.”

This exhibition is sure to raise new thoughts and feelings about the Civil War and challenge assumptions about the importance of textiles to life, especially during times of war.

New Englanders should head there before it closes on November 25.

Address: 491 Dutton Street, Lowell, Massachusetts
Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 10-5
Admission: adults $8, students and seniors $6, children under 6 and members free
Website: www.athm.org/exhibitions/current_exhibitions/exhibition_homefront_battlefield.php


  1. Katie* says:

    Civil war quilts are a subculture of today’s quilters. Probably a solid third of all fabric purchased today goes towards civil war reproduction fabrics (my uneducated guess). My co-worker’s thick Boston accent is the closest I’ll get to this exhibition, though!

  2. Mom says:

    I can’t imagine the anguish that mother must have felt to have had a son fighting on each side of the Civil War. I hope they both returned safe and sound to her.

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