Loving the Synchronized Swimmers

Dear Olympic gymnasts,

The synchronized swimmers are killing it with their costumes. Please take note of the creativity and originality.

I expect you to step it up. Enough of the leotards with abstract flames.


  1. Maggie says:

    I need to try and catch a recap of synchronized swimming – those suits are fantastic (esp. the first set with the hair flames, ooh). I don’t know much about the sport or how it’s scored, but it seems like one of those that is a lot harder than it sounds/looks. Can’t imagine trying to hold my breath that long or tread water in a balletic and precisely timed manner. I’d be flailing in no time, LOL.

    • jacqueline says:

      I think I did two summers of synchronized swimming as a kid. It is really hard. Not only are the moves difficult, but then you’ve got to do it in unison with someone else.

      And the first set with the hair flames was the motivation for this post. I thought that that was such a cool idea.

  2. Miss Alix says:

    My favorite o they synchronized swimming outfits was Spain. They had suits that looked like diagrams of internal organs on the front and skeletons on the back. Very cool looking.

    • jacqueline says:

      They also had brain dodads on their heads!

      Spain might have the best synchro costumes period. Their team costumes have piranha-like faces on the backs of their swim caps.

  3. Heiress Emma says:

    Wow, these are awesome! Australia’s abysmal coverage (on free-to-air, and we don’t have cable) of the Olympics means I haven’t seen any of the syncro at all. The Australian costumes are fab! I love the hairpieces on the buns. No bias at all, of course.

  4. Sarah C. says:

    I love the ones from Spain! They look like they took those dots straight from a flamenco dress!

  5. KA says:

    What, you didn’t like the ones with the soccer ball bathing caps?! 😉

    I also noticed the Malaysian diver’s bad-ass graffiti style suits. Love that someone is sporting something that’s contemporary, and neither traditionally athletic nor girly:

    And unrelated to swimming, I’m obsessed with Sanya Richards-Ross princess hair and arm warmers. Superhero!

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