Loving Belize’s Hats

We’ve discussed the U.S. Olympics uniforms for the Opening Ceremony on this blog already, but I’d like to turn attention on the country with my favorite uniforms — Belize. Well specifically its hats.

The Belize uniforms for its eight athletes were designed by Jeff Banks. Banks said, “I used the Great Gatsby as my inspiration with a modern touch reflecting the Belize Caribbean sprit.” This is more proof how much influence on fashion the Great Gatsby movie is having even before its December 2012 release. The jackets are contemporary versions of men’s 20s-style blazers in the country’s national blue with white contrast edging. The men wore white, pleated, flannel trousers and the women wore white, flannel, pencil skirts.

The women’s hats are super chic. They were hand blocked by Yvette Jelfs in Scotland. Called “panama cloches” by Banks, they are a little too shallow to be considered true cloches, but they definitely have a similar shape of the crown. The ribbon in Belize’s colors adds a little extra flare. I want to know where I can buy one!

The men’s hats are traditional panama style with ribbon trim.

Which country had the best Opening Ceremony uniforms in your opinion?


  1. Rachael says:

    I’ve been really behind on reading my usual blogs so I’m catching up this afternoon–and I just wanted to say that Belize had my favorite uniforms, too! I was really impressed during the Opening Ceremonies. The words that keep coming to mind are “sharp” and “snazzy.” I didn’t know about the Gatsby influence. Thanks for this post!

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