Sunshade Styles

How are you beating the heat and the sun these days? The heat wave stateside is intense. Recently I was discussing with friends on twitter that we should bring back the parasol.

This video from 1924 called Sunshade Styles shows a range of parasols to keep the sun at bay. Maybe you’ll find inspiration in the pleats and unusual shapes, such as the flowers and cat.

I think my favorite parasol pictured here is the one with sheer material and ostrich feathers.

video by British Pathé


  1. Terri says:

    I like the asymmetrical parasol that looks like a peace plant blossom. I’ll have a parasol coming up in a look soon.

  2. Maggie says:

    I just bought (another) parasol, and even though it’s only paper, not fabric, I still love it. I’d picked up a bright red one on a trip to Philadelphia a few years back, but it disappeared after our wedding (it got mixed in with the others we’d bought for the guests). I asked me sister to buy me one at the local Asian Festival recently, and I’ve been using it when we walk to pick up our CSA… it really does a nice job of keeping the sun off my face.

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