Taco Truck

My mom is in town, so last night for dinner I decided to take her to Fargo’s food truck, Taco Bros.

I can hardly believe that Fargo has a proper food truck before Chicago, but it’s true. (Chicago’s food trucks can’t prepare food inside the vehicle, so at most they can only serve pre-made items like cupcakes.) And it’s tasty to boot!

This was my second time visiting Taco Bros. They are currently parked next to Empire Liquors, and there are tables and chairs set up so you can eat right there.

It’s lovely sitting in the summer sun and gobbling down tasty Mexican. There is always a small crowd gathering around eating or waiting for their food. Taco Bros. has quickly developed a following in Fargo.

Last night I had a chicken taco, which had a bit of heat to it, and a vegetarian tostada, which unfortunately had beef — not so veggie. The platter also came with rice and beans, and I added a mandarin pop.

It was all so good.


  1. Katie* says:

    I think I saw your mom last night! After 9pm, going for a walk along Broadway? Maybe I’m imagining things?

  2. Jo says:

    Oh those look yum!!

  3. Terri says:

    I love trucks like this. My husband and I came across one with a flat tire along a rural highway in Montana. The truck was waiting for help, but prepared us a hot breakfast in a tortilla. Very memorable food!

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