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Liz Moorhead of Happy Sighs and Betsy Ann Paper is a good friend of mine. I met her online and look forward to the day I can meet her face-to-face. She’s wise beyond her years, incredibly creative, talented, and far too humble.

Liz is an artist who creates, among many things, stationary and greeting cards. Betsy Ann Paper, her company, has an etsy shop, and she’s sold her goodies in various pop-up venues throughout the Philadelphia area.

I love learning about artists’ processes, so I suggested Liz share her workspace with us. I think her post is enlightening and shows a snapshot into the mind of an upcoming artist. Here is Liz.

Sharing my workspace with you folks has been a weird thing to wrap my head around. By acknowledging that I have a work space, I’m sort of labeling what I do as “work.” Though I’ve been painting under the heading of Betsy Ann Paper for a few years now, it still seems a little presumptuous to call it “work” and even to acknowledge that I use a space to do it (as silly as that seems).

When I first started trying to sell painted cards, I kept my pretty envelopes and watercolors in a shoebox under the bed. There wasn’t any real organization. I just pulled the whole box onto the kitchen table the once a month or so that I ever had an order. Sometimes, I’d take it out more often, just to admire the colors.

Later, keeping just a few envelopes tucked under the bed was no longer feasible, and my husband helped me to clear space on our crammed bookshelf to store all of my supplies within arms reach.

I still don’t have a specific Painting Only space (though it is a part of the dream!), but I set one or two days a week aside to devote to strictly painting. I take over our old wooden desk (a thrift store find that I refinished), at other times used for design work or writing, and cover it with paints, sketches and envelopes. For those few days, I feel like a legitimate painter.

photos by Josh Moorhead


  1. Love.

    I do love having my own space. I just wish it were quieter.

    (As an aside I want everything you do!)

    • jacqueline says:

      I want my own quiet space. Right now I work at the coffee table and my husband almost always has the tv on as background while he works. Unfortunately that makes it hard for me to concentrate.

  2. Emilia Jane says:

    So pretty!!

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