Style File – Bike Week Helmet Hunt

On the last day of Bike Week, I want to talk about my helmet. Oh man, did it take me a long time to find one I like.

There aren’t a lot of neutral options out there for women. It seems like most helmets on the market have a cutesy or sporty design, which I am not interested in. Why it is so hard to find a neutral yet fashionable helmet? Bikes are becoming fashionable items themselves, coveted by lifestyle bloggers and photographed by the Sartorialist.

But still there’s a dearth of headwear that doesn’t clash with a fashionable outfit. And no, do not expect me to match my outfit to my helmet. Helmets are commuter items that should go with what I already own, not the other way around. (I believe there is a niche market out there for the entrepreneur who wants to tackle this.)

But I finally found my lovely Bell Faction helmet after hours of online searching. I worried for a little bit whether I would seem like a “poser” wearing a skate-style helmet instead of a cycling one, but once I got it and tried it on I didn’t feel that way. Also, the Bell Faction is certified for bicycle use for those concerned about safety.

I purchased my Bell Faction helmet in matte khaki. That color is not currently sold through Bell’s website, so I tracked down a new one on eBay. Thankfully it fit when it arrived. In fact, I think it actually is kind of cute on me!

Another thing fashionable female bikers worry about is helmet hair. Refinery29 posted a Helmet Hair, Begone! tutorial on 5 bike-friendly hairdos last week.

I was inspired and decided to try out a version of what I saw there. I created a twist on the side of my head, starting in the front wrapping two sections of hair around each other. I added more hair to each section as I worked my way down and then pinned the hair in place before gathering the rest into a low ponytail. My hairdo might not have been quite as elaborate as Refinery29’s suggestions, but I thought it looked cute and it held up after more than an hour of riding. (See pictures above as evidence).

all photos by Travis Haughton – Wasabi Photography


  1. Adelaida says:

    Have you ever seen the YAKKAY helmets? We found those and fell in love :) we’ll start selling them soon on our website ( )


  2. Mahmoud says:

    Hi! I love the photographs and the helmet looks beautiful on you. I was wondering since now I’m doing my own research hours, what size did you order the helmet in? Because I want to have the same brand but can’t tell about the right size. My head is 58 cm

    Thank you

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