Mr. Selfridge Is Back

Are you watching Mr. Selfridge? In the United States, PBS just started season two, and I’m thoroughly sucked in. It’s basically a period soap opera, akin the Downton Abbey, but set in the city instead of the country.

If you aren’t familiar with Mr. Selfridge, it’s about the London department store. Season one introduced us the American Harry Selfridge as he moves to London in 1908, butts heads with the British over his revolutionary retail concepts, and unveils his concept of modernity. Feminism, the emergence of makeup, and various celebrities both real and fictional are all key plot points.

The show relies on an ensemble cast full of amusing characters. There’s a little bit of an upstairs/downstairs theme going on. First you have the lowly shop girl who has ambition and a spark of creativity with her brother who works in the loading dock. The store’s management features heavily, including the Frenchman who is in charge of window displays and the chief of staff who is in a complicated romantic relationship with the head of accessories. And then you have the rich who shop at the store, financially back it, and socialize with Selfridge’s family.

And the costumes — well the costumes are great. They aren’t 100% historically accurate, but the show is a bit of a fantasy and over the top, so, appropriately, the costumes are too. Maybe it’s hypocritical of me to give this show a pass, but somehow it works for me.

Season two jumps to 1914, advancing many of the characters’ lives in interesting directions. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I love how they are developing the story line. War is on the horizon, and trade unions are rising. And the relationships between the characters are all deepening. Everyone reaps what they sow from the previous season, both for better and worse.

If you need to catch up, season one is available on Amazon Instant Video (free if you have a Prime account!) or on iTunes. And PBS is only two episodes deep into season two, which is available on its website.

Tell me if you are watching! Who is your favorite character? Personally Agnes Towler and Henri Leclair were my favorites in season one, but I’ve got a growing affection for Kitty and Gordon Selfridge in season two.

P.S. No spoilers in the comments please!


  1. Sandra says:

    I’ve DVR’d season 1 and season 2 – must start watching it! One of my fave eras of history is the Gilded Age in the US and the Edwardian era in the UK in the run up to WWI. So much in the way of social change and technological advances.

    For those reasons I’m crossing my fingers for the Pankhurst movie that Meryl Streep is currently filming.

    I’m not as fussed about a little, let’s say, amplification of period costumes. As long as it’s enough of a nod to reality and they don’t mix up years horribly.

    • jacqueline says:

      You really should start! I watched all of season one during the course of last month, and am kicking myself for not starting it sooner. And Meryl Streep is filming a Pankhurst movie?!!!! Oh goodness, that could be amazing. You know I love suffragists.

  2. And I couldn’t help comparing where each show (Downton Abby & Mr. Selfridge) was at the time WW1 was announced and who announced it.

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