Birthday Goals

Evening dress, by Madame Grès, 1984, from Metropolitan Museum of Art

Today is my birthday. I’m 30. I feel like I’ve been looking forward to this birthday for a long time. Some people might dread 30 or feel like they have to accomplish a whole list of things before the year rolls around. But I’ve always viewed 30 differently.

My 20s were focused on education and getting stable jobs in my field. Now I have my masters and a great job at Columbia College Chicago running the Fashion Study Collection. I’m proud of the last 10 years. Of course they haven’t been perfect. I’ve taken some detours and made a handful of mistakes, but I’ve ended up in a really good place.

So looking to my 30s, I see the next decade as a period to challenge and push myself. No complacency here, I need to keep growing, learning, and putting experimentation first. It’s time to pursue new research paths and then get published. I want to do more curatorial work in my collection and, perhaps, independently propose exhibitions at other institutions. After my experience co-organizing the Midwest Costume Society of America symposium this past fall, I’d like to start a symposium series. None of those goals will be easy, but I’m ready to take them on. Time to get to work.


  1. Happy birthday! 30 has been good to me so far (2 months in). I hope it’s good to you.

  2. Sandra says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I can see you doing ALL those things and achieving all of those goals. Here’s to a great decade ahead.

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