Friday File

I am wiped out. A combo of allergies, writing deadlines, a symposium I am co-chairing next weekend, and attempting to start exercising again is running me ragged. So expect a little lighter posting until the end of the month.

I hope you are all hanging in there and getting enough sleep. If I can’t, I hope someone is.

Now, a quick roundup of the best I saw online this week (even though my time was much more limited than normal):

Delpozo spring 2014 and Young Girl in a Rose Garden by Auguste Toulmouche mashup, created by Miss Moss

Love the comparisons Miss Moss made between Delpozo’s spring 2014 collection and historical works of art.

Flavorwire has an excellent list of fashion documentaries. I’ve seen most of these, and if you only see one of them, watch Notebook on Cities and Clothes.

The title of this post on Collectors Weekly says it all: “Untangling the Tale of the Seven Sutherland Sisters and Their 37 Feet of Hair.” Tell me you aren’t intrigued!

Russell Brand is not for everyone, but sometimes I love his brash honesty. Case in point, calling out Hugo Boss for dressing the Nazis at an event sponsored by Hugo Boss.

More hair — historical hairstyles brought to contemporary life. My favorites have to be the 1830s coifs sported in images 2, 5, and 6.


  1. I didn´t know miss moss blog, thanks for the discovering!!!! Del pozo collection is awesome

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