Style File – Late Summer Wool

Last week was pretty busy in order to prep for the fall semester, which begins today. It’s time to transition from a casual summer wardrobe into something a bit more polished at work now that the faculty and students are returning.

For a day-long, in-service meeting, I wore a charcoal Marc Le Bihan dress I bought at major discount from earlier in the year. Made of a thin wool, the edges are left raw to look deconstructed. I couldn’t resist wearing my black leather sandals to work one last time, and I carried my Pour La Victoire bag (which has turned into a really good investment).

Marc Le Bhihan is one of my favorite designers. The way he shapes a dress with pleats, tucks, and draping gives it dimension and interest. The genius of his designs are often found in subtle details.

One strange quirk about his dresses, though, is that the torsos always seem to be too long on me. I am short waisted, but this is extreme. Both of the Marc Le Bihan dresses that I own needed to be altered at the shoulder in order to fit in the upper body. Now they hang correctly, and I feel great in them.


  1. Ellie says:

    I usually dislike the raw edges, but those shoulders are a nice design. I also like the waist, and the fabric looks perfect for the polished look you are going for.

  2. I like the whole look and had never heard of Yoox -thanks for the tip. I like the site. And after seeing you carry that incredible purse in a few pics, I actually found one on sale and hopefully it will be in my closet soon. I like deconstructed clothing and this one looks great.

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