Style File – Zara Trousers

We’ve definitely seen some cooler temps in Chicago the past couple of weeks, so pants are back in my daily rotation. I’ve had this pair from Zara since March or April, and, oddly enough, am wearing them more often this summer than I did in the spring.

I don’t wear pants often to begin with (in fact, I had a coworker tell me she had never seen me in pants before when I first bought these), but am really digging how comfortable these are. I’m not exactly sure what they are calling this style these days. They feel like a cross between trousers and sweatpants.

Last week, I paired them with a Rachel Rose silk tee from Of a Kind. This particular edition is long gone, but, hint hint, there are two other ones currently available.

The heeled sandals are also from Zara, and they go with just about everything (duh, neutrals). The chunky heel helps so that they don’t hurt my feet even though they are a little higher than the heels I generally wear. I wonder how long chunky heels are going to be in — they make an appearance every few years, but grow tired on the eyes quickly. Hopefully, not too quickly because I think I like them this time around.


  1. I love the shoes and the orange polish. Where did you get the polish?

  2. Klara says:

    Love the shoes with that orange polish!

  3. Maggie says:

    You always look so chic! I was trying to find a pair of pants like this in the spring; I ended up buying a few pairs of Old Navy pants, though they weren’t exactly what I’d had in mind.

    Question: where do you buy your glasses? I remember liking them a lot when I saw them in person. I’m torn between trying to go the online route (Warby Parker, Zenni, etc.) and buying them from a local optician.

    • jacqueline says:

      I tried a bunch of pants from Asos and Zara before I found these. So it took some time. And thank you!

      Funny you should mention my glasses. They are Jai Kudo from my old optometrist who also sold glasses out of her clinic. They are in bad shape now, as the plastic is unstable and deteriorating after four years of use and one lens change. The plastic around the nose is bubbling and the plastic on the arms is turning grey! But I can’t find any other frames that I like as much, and am actually considering buying the same exact pair as a replacement from an online shop in the UK. I probably shouldn’t, as I have proof that the plastic they used wasn’t made to last.

      I tried Warby Parker once and the frames were too big for my face and the lens made me feel really dizzy after 2 hours of use. I sent them back.

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