Exhibition File – Currently at The Museum at FIT

Today I have a master exhibition post. Because there are three fashion exhibitions at the Museum at FIT right now, this is not the time to skip it if you are in NYC between now and mid-April.

First in the Fashion & Textile History Gallery, Fashion and Technology investigates technological advancements in both fashion design and production. The exhibition covers 250 years, including the Industrial Revolution that brought us the spinning jenny, jacquard loom, and sewing machine.

Technological advancements in materials — rubber and plastic — and digital technology — 3-D printing, computer aided design, and sewable electronics — play a huge role in the show. Technology has influenced design as well, whether in the form of art deco or space age styles.

Fashion and Technology runs until May 8.

Then in the Special Exhibitions Gallery, you can indulge your passion with shoes in Shoe Obsession. More than 150 examples of extraordinary shoes will leave you gawking in awe. There are some crazy styles in this show.

Shoe Obsession runs until April 13.

And lastly, don’t miss Boots: The Height of Fashion in the Gallery FIT. More than 20 pairs of boots examine themes about sex, rebellion, status. The exhibition looks at how boots grew in popularity historically. It was curated by students from the Fashion and Textile Studies masters program.

Boots: The Height of Fashion closes April 6.

Address: Museum at FIT, Seventh Avenue at 27 Street, New York, New York

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 12-8, Saturday 10-5

Admission: free

Website: fitnyc.edu/336.asp


  1. Amanda says:

    Wow, interesting. (The use of technology and new materials… I specially like laser-cut to produce lace-like textiles on leather and other materials).
    Are you supposed to walk on the pink Noritaka Tatehana shoes? I guess it’s something Lady Gaga could pull.

  2. Sandra says:

    Yay – another “pick” for my NYC trip.

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