Winter Black

fashion plate from 1910-1913, from Metropolitan Museum of Art

It’s snowing again in Chicago. I hate to whine about the weather constantly, but my commute is growing exceedingly tiresome as I slug through slush puddles and get blasted by high speed winds each day.

Of course I never look as chic as the woman in this illustration does, but I do like her black winter ensemble. She’s in black from head to toe in preparation to battle the elements just like I am. Or maybe she’s just in mourning about summer. Ah, maybe that’s the real reason us northerners wear so much black in the winter.

But I think the real lesson in this illustration is that I need a muff of my own.


  1. Amanda says:

    Black is a color I have trouble using, even less from head to toe. I think my skin looks yellower and I feel sick when doing so.
    I am not afraid of using colors even in the midst of the winter (the weather is already gray, why compete!).
    On the other hand a muff might be useful. I love sweatshirts with that space for your hands!

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