A Post-Downton Distraction

image from Downton Abbey Season 3 Christmas episode, from The Jane Austen Film Club. SPOILERS IN THE LINK

Who else felt like they were punched in the gut after Sunday’s Downton Abbey? I promise no spoilers here, and ask everyone to please not leave any in the comments. But at this point it’s no secret that the ending left pretty much everyone distraught. I am starting to wish the show ended after three seasons like originally planned instead of continuing on for a fourth. Sigh.

After Downton ended, I noticed a preview for a new British period drama, Mr. Selfridge. I couldn’t really concentrate on it because I was in shock, but yesterday I looked that preview up online. I’m intrigued.

image from Mr. Selfridges, from The Arts Desk. SPOILERS IN THE LINK

Mr. Selfridge is about the founding of the British department store Selfridges during the late Edwardian Era. From the brief glances in the preview, it seems the costuming and hair look pretty good (maybe a little too much noticeable makeup), and it promises to be a gossipy drama.

It also reminded me that I have been meaning to read The Ladies’ Paradise, written by Émile Zola. The novel tells about the innovations of French department stores in the mid-nineteenth century.

Mr. Selfridge premieres in the United States in March on PBS. I’m looking forward to a new period drama to distract me from Downton‘s Season 3 ending. What do you think of this preview?


  1. I can totally get behind this. I hadn’t heard about it, thanks for sharing!

  2. KWu says:

    If you get to watching Mr. Selfridge, please do post your thoughts about it! I was also distraught with the DA Christmas episode–I guess at least unlike in the UK, we didn’t actually watch it on Christmas and have our Chrismases ruined by it? I’m going to pretend that it just ended with the cute hospital scene.

  3. Joy says:

    I’m totally going to watch this! Thanks for the head’s up. For a day, I worked at Harrods — but then they kept saying this thing about how, if the building were to get bombed, the employees would be the last out. And I thought, “Hmm…not for me.” Then I worked at Gap Kids instead. What a yankee.

  4. Beth says:

    DA definitely left me feeling distraught. Even my husband, who claims that he doesn’t like the show yet sits down to watch it each time it’s on, let out an audible gasp. I’m sure he’ll be watching next season! I must say that the preview for Mr. Selfridge perked me up ever so slightly. I will be watching! It looks exciting, and I think the hair and costumes will be intriguing. Keep us posted on your thoughts.

  5. Sandra says:

    Thanks so much for the heads up! I’ll be watching this for sure.

  6. I just set my DVR to record this show! There’s also a book out (which the show is based on) that is on my list to read!

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