Style File – Puffy Coat

On Friday, I stopped on my way home from work for a French baguette to go with left-over chili and a fancy bottle of beer for my dad’s birthday.

It’s cold in Chicago now. Very, very cold. And I felt a little disclosure was in order — I am not one of those women who can pull off a chic coat to match their ensemble. I envy them, but Chicago is just too cold and my commute requires too much time walking and waiting for public transit outside. When that stinging wind hits me, I stop caring about what I look like.

A little more than two years ago during my first winter in Fargo, my mom bought this full-length, Eddie Bauer, down coat for me. It looks a bit like a walking sleeping bag, especially if I put the hood up, but it’s super warm and comfortable.

I pair the coat with convertible mittens I got from Macy’s three years ago and a beret from H&M.

I almost always wear flat shoes while commuting, and I change into my heels at work. I also carry a plain black tote. It’s big enough for my heels, lunch, book, and handbag. Makes getting to and from work a little more trouble-free.

photos by Travis Haughton – Wasabi Photography


  1. Amanda says:

    Oh the dilemma, a beautiful coat or warmth and comfiness?
    It is very hard because I do have a thing for pretty coats, specially in bright happy colors to contrast the winter weather: red, yellow, green, light blue…
    I used to have one of those puffy coats when I ived in Switzerland and we actually called the thing the walking sleeping bag.
    You could say vanity is my sin, since lately I only have coats of the “pretty” kind. I still end up looking like I went skiing. because of my beanie hat, gloves and boots. I also always wear tights under my jeans, and boots are a must.
    I dress in a million layers to trap air and keep me warm, but it is a work in progress, I really wasn’t born in a cold coutry and I have to learn how to be warm and keep the style.
    I am tempted by your solution though… specially when it gets windy.

  2. Joy says:

    I, too, give up on caring what I look like when it’s really cold outside — especially if I’m walking around the city. Form over function! I told James that I just can’t see buying a new winter coat, since they all make me look like I’m walking around in a big sleeping bag anyway. The nice thing is that one spring comes, I immediately feel as though I’ve lost 20 pounds because I no longer have two inches of fluff around me. :)

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