Online Collaboration

Getting involved in social media, such as blogging and twitter, has enabled me to develop really great friendships with people I would never meet otherwise. One such person is my friend Liz Moorhead. You might remember her from this post on her Betsy Ann Paper workspace.

These online friendships can lead to collaborations. Recently Liz, her husband Josh, my husband Travis, and I decided to partner. The four of us are creative individuals with our own talents and skills — Liz obviously is very talented at illustration and watercolor, Josh is an amazing graphic designer, my husband takes fantastic photos, and I hope I have a good eye for design and styling.

I proposed the idea of a skills trade. Travis and I would photograph Liz’s cards and stationary for Betsy Ann Paper, and Liz and Josh would lend their creative skills in illustration and graphic design for small projects Travis and I might need.

I love the fact that the internet allows me to connect with people like Liz and Josh. And there’s something to be said for using a new medium like the internet for an old-fashioned labor trade.

The photos throughout this post are all of Liz’s cards — for everyday notes, thank yous, birthdays, and the holidays. I was especially giddy because I got to see Liz’s entire Christmas line before anyone else (well other than her family). And of course I squealed when I saw them because they are so freaking good.

In fact, we are using the printed frosty white winter assorted set for our own cards.

I’m grateful for this chance to work with Liz and Josh, and I can’t wait to do it again (Valentine’s?!). I hope they feel the same way.

P.S. Liz has New Years cards in case you don’t quite get around to sending out Christmas ones in time or want to be memorable. So clever!

all photos by Travis Haughton – Wasabi Photography


  1. Katie* says:

    Fun idea!

  2. Eloise says:

    Great cards and great photos!

  3. Monica says:

    Love these!! So beautiful.

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