Happy Thanksgiving!

The Autumn, 1896, by Alphonse Mucha

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are having a good day and will get a chance to relax a little and reflect a bit on what you are thankful for.

I have to say that I am really thankful for this blog. The Hourglass Files has been a great outlet for me during the last eight months. I am so grateful that there are so many of you who enjoy my writing and keep coming back. I really appreciate all your comments, encouragement, support, and emails. Thank you!


  1. Amanda says:

    I love your blog. As someone who dresses casually 80 % of the time (or like Lauren @betterinrealife said the other day… like a camp counselor) , but who actually enjoys spotting the trends and when the occasion comes likes to dare and take risks I really really enjoy your writing.
    For me you are a fashion blog in the true sense…. fashion for me should be art, history, a means of individual expression, fun, and something that ideally we could get to practice everyday, because, we have to be dressed anyway. You are so very different from those other fashion blogs who seem more like a commercial of the blogger’s own fabulous closet and multiple travels, and, while entertaining, stay on a rather superficial level.
    I really appreciate all of your posts, also the ones on *your* personal style though I do have a thing for knowing the story behind (for example I loved your article on lingerie dresses).
    Keep it going,n you are doing a great great job.
    Have a happy thangsgiving day / long weekend.
    Hugs to you.

  2. lizzie says:

    happy thanksgiving bunny! i hope you have a great day. :)

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