Style File – Cropped for Fit

During the past few years, blazers and jackets have grown in popularity as fashionable garments. They’ve undergone a variety of translations, and they are now just as common in trendy or casual outfits as in corporate-office apparel.

I’m totally on board. As someone who gets cold easily, blazers are starting to replace cardigans in my wardrobe. I dig that they dress up my outfits more than a cardigan does.

But I can’t just buy and wear any blazer. That small waist and full hips and rear end of mine can create some fit problems. With my hips, normal-length blazers don’t lay flat on my body. Instead I get weird bunching.

So I’ve started looking for cropped blazers and jackets to avoid the odd distortions across my waist, hips, and butt.

I’m really digging this asymmetric khaki/black cropped jacket from Mikkat Market. I really appreciate asymmetrical garments, and this one has a cool edge about it. I am considering it.

This 3.1 Phillip Lim jacket is a little deceiving from the front. In front it looks like a traditional blazer, but take a look from the side or back. The cropped back should accommodate my hips and butt and allow the front to hang straight. Unfortunately the price on this blazer is more than a little too expensive for me.

cropped boxstep jacket, from Madewell

And then there’s this cropped boxstep jacket from Madewell that I fell for. When I found it, it was on sale, plus there was a limited-time code reducing the sale price by an additional 25 percent. I decided to pull the trigger.

Last Monday, I paired the cropped boxstep jacket with a vintage black silk T-shirt, a midi skirt from Asos, and a pair of Isabelle Toledo for Target black flats from a few seasons ago.

I especially like the jacket’s tromp l’oeil lapel.

The jacket is well made, and I like the fit and crepe fabric. Definitely a winner.

unspecified photos by Travis Haughton – Wasabi Photography


  1. Trillium says:

    I had the small waist, big hips issue when I was younger as well, and I have one word for you: peplum. Fits and looks great. I have a number of jackets/blazers in the peplum style although w/ age and the accompanying weight gain, they no longer fit me. That cropped back blazer looks good on the model; would like to see how it looks in person.

  2. KWu says:

    Hehe, I’m quite amused by the tromp l’oeil lapels–I guess that’s what they call “witty” in fashion? Anyway, I have a bunch of thrifted blazers that I like the look of when putting together an outfit and standing in front of the mirror, but my coats don’t fit over those. Do you either have larger coats or do you reserve blazers as the equivalent of light outerwear? or some other solution?

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